Generations of Experience

From the moment you visit our shop we can cut any meat you want however you want it. We are a three-generation business, 20 years in New York City and 30 years in Florida. You can choose to buy in bulk or simply buy one steak. You see what you buy and what you buy is cut by us to your choice.

The Family Business

We are not a supermarket that sells ready packed items that we buy from others. We are real butchers, and master butchers, and we are always present to help you. Some places call themselves butcher shops or meat markets and when you visit them you don’t see a butcher or a meat cutter. You only see a person charging you whatever you got from the freezer. You can count with one hand the few places that still have butchers and that’s what makes us rare. At Ricky’s Meats you are buying direct from a butcher shop that will provide quality service and wholesale prices, cut your way.

From Generation to Generation

We have mastered the arts of meats. Which is not just cutting a beautiful New York strip or making ground beef, but knowing how to raise the cattle, how to feed the cattle, know it as a calf, up until finally you season it and cook it. You need to know how to respect a steak. Here at Ricky’s Meats, we know how to maintain our meat and respect it. We present the different cuts of meats in a meat show case and price each cut. We need to be able to explain to our customers the difference between a beef tenderloin being a whole and an ounce cut becomes filet mignon steak. We also know how to dry age meat and how to wet age meat. That way you are getting the best meat quality.

The Family Business

A “Master Butcher” has knowledge of all types of meat, whether it’s beef, pork, lamb, veal, or poultry.
We know how to age, cut, roast, or chop each meat according to the specialty that you desire. Traditionally your Master Butcher is equivalent to your Head Chef in a kitchen, or Manager in an office, being aware and present in every step of the butcher shop process. They are involved in the purchasing, cutting, packaging and cleaning steps of the meat operation. It’s a position with a steep learning curve that requires years of hard work and even sometimes an apprenticeship. It’s a mastery of not just one skill, but many, it’s a language, and it’s an art. After years of experience and training there should be no duty a Master Butcher can’t do to meat your expectations!
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